More than 400 years of entrepreneurship have taught us to be humble about our customers needs. It has taught us to listen carefully, consider all aspects of a problem and to deliver what we promise. Sometimes even a little bit more than expected.


History forms the background of experience and values on which the future is built. HangOn is founded and owned by the
Törefors family whose entrepreneurial activity dates back to the 16th century. In the early 19th century the family formed
their own companies producing steel wire. Every subsequent generation has been involved in the wire production business.
The company benefits from being located in the Swedish region Gnosjö – known for its thriving tradition of small businesses.
Already in the 1930´s the family started with international business.

The first products for the coating industry were produced in 1977. When the business was taken
over by the next generation in 1989, the development accelerated. New products have constantly
been developed and introduced, and the services offered to the coating industry have been extended
into new areas and markets. The company is recognized as the leading supplier to the coating industry
for hanging, masking and handling products.

With yet another generation at the helm, and a smart skilled staff, the company is continually
expanding into new technological and geographical areas.

Guided by values such as confidence, creativity and humanity we want to invite you to take advantage of our knowledge.

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