START  - MASKING FOR AXLES  - Caps with grip, GAQ H #ph12 

GAQ - CAPS WITH GRIP HangOn patent
Prod No.Qty per boxFitsd, mmD, mmL, mmDL, mmDH, mmColour
GAQ M5X15 H1000M54,78,315,47,88,8Green
GAQ M6X11 H1000M65,79,611,48,910,1Blue
GAQ M6X18 H1000M65,79,618,48,910,1Blue
GAQ M8X8 H1000M87,612,18,411,212,8Yellow
GAQ M8X15 H500M87,612,115,411,212,8Yellow
GAQ M8X22 H500M87,612,122,411,212,8Yellow
GAQ M10X10 H500M109,414,610,413,515,5Brown
GAQ M10X18 H250M109,414,618,413,515,5Brown
GAQ M10X25 H250M109,414,625,413,515,5Brown
GAQ M12X25 H200M1211,317,225,415,818,1Red

» Quick, 2 times faster handling compared to standard cap GA
» The grip makes it easier to use the masking also in holes
» Cost efficient
» Ventilated, does not blow off in the curing oven so easily