To be able to make new smart solutions for hanging and masking we
need to be experts in every detail of the industrial coating process.
Our R&D department have decades of experience of the coating industry
and of developing customized solutions.

By listening to your needs and gathering information we can develop
innovative and smart solutions. We analyze how different tasks in your
specific coating process can be solved in the best possible way.
We spend time to find the smartest solution for your individual needs
– time well invested to increase your profit.

The first step is to analyze, measure objects and check drawings.
When we have an idea for solving the task at hand we make prototypes,
samples and run physical tests.

A wide range of materials are used; various wire qualities, metal sheets,
magnetic sheets, MDF, paper, magnetic silicone, various tapes, rubber
and plastics.

The prototyping, measuring and testing tools that we have at our disposal are:
3D CAD, advanced CNC, 3D printers, waterjet, conveyor testing, profile projectors,
high precision scales, load testing, precision measuring, ovens and spray testing
amongst others...